Comment: This Is Going to Play Out Like A Show :

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This Is Going to Play Out Like A Show :

I should get a back-lit keyboard start, a Blog.

So far it's as expected. Some Defendant's lawyers show up & ask for more time to answer. They get it. Some ask to be removed from the list or change venue to another.

Judge's start pulling them selves out of the show one after another for conflict of interest. I mean, after all, what judge doesn't have a bank account or credit card or loan with one of the defendants? Or a personal investment in stocks and such?

202 banks and financial sector companies plus professional 32 individuals to choose from.

What a comedy. This can go on till Johnny comes marching home again.

But wait . . . . . . . There's more.

Let's throw in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and NEW YORK as involuntary plaintiff's at no additional cost.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info