Comment: Follow-Up to Homeschooling Debate on Foreign Aid

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Follow-Up to Homeschooling Debate on Foreign Aid

Talked to my daughter and she said that everyone after studying the topic for a month, everyone wants Con.

She also said that going into it, many were (this is a Christian based homeschooling program) very much for "humanitarin" flavor of foreign aid. She even said that she was "for" because of her perception which had changed and she saw it for what it is.

Parents in this program learn along with their children and all participate in events like the debates. A confusing topic which has been misrepresented was brought to the surface and many of these students now understand that whatever their prior feelings about "charity" they now know that applying a word does not make it so.

The program seems to be very pro Constitution and "l"ibertarian in many ways. My daughter said her son very adamently believes that the Federal Government has no Constitutional right to take taxpayers money and arbitrarily dole it out for political purposes that have to do with control

My daughter also said that she believes that the program is actually an educational tool ...way more interesting than that it forces a way of looking at the issue without pre-conceived

And, my grandson will, in the event he draws pro, come very much from Wolfe's perspective, ie presenting the reasons TPTB "really" love the foreign aid slush fund going beyond just the reasons presented and intended to influence the tender-hearted.

So...many homeschoolers and their parents are learning a great deal through this exercise and apparently in all cases resolving that foreign aid should not be given in any way shape or form. I would say this is a small strike against the forces of deceit and I approve of the exercise!

(And, Joe, I agree with your observations about the reference to pop-psychological testing. That was actually an article link on the Konos program inserted because of the stated benefits of debate as a tool for rational thinking. No psychological testing is done in this program and, in fact, my daughter said parents would withdraw their children if there was any move in that direction. Most have their children in homeschooling to get them away from government school propaganda and control through testing. (Note: I do not like everything about the program; however, it is head and shoulders above public education and the two private schools my grandchildren were in. They are fortunate to have this option and it is a shame all children do not.)