Comment: Nope. Because there is a time bomb built in.

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Nope. Because there is a time bomb built in.

Frankly Bush/Obama have gotten us into so much trouble that NOBODY can get us out. (Ron Paul could - but he admits we would be subject to great pain at first.)

Romney WILL not succeed. And I don't say that simply because I do not like him. I say that because right now we are living on borrowed time. The problem IS unescapable.

The easiest way to sum it is this. Interest rates have got to go up eventually right? Or we wil simply keep borrowing, and we can't do that for a lot of reasons. when interest rates go up - we will have to pay more intrest on the debt we already have - soon we will be talking about trillions of dollars in interest alone - and thats more than we tax.

Whoever is elected in this cycle will be villified and damned - and the pendalum will swing HARD the other way. There is no alternative.

If its Romney we will swing into full fledged Socialism WHEN (not if) he fails.

But it won't be Romney. Obama is the winner. (Wait if you don't believe me).

And we are going to swing HARD, VERY HARD - into fascism (National Socialism or Naziism) because of it.