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I have to make a

I have to make a confession... Although I proudly support Ron Paul. I voted for Gary Johnson today. But that's not my confession... My confession is this:

I hope Obama wins.

Two very simple reasons:

1) I can't stand Romney... Or the republican party for that matter. Obama has already been president, so it won't be as big of an accomplishment if he gets reelected. I can't stand the idea of someone as dishonorable as Romney holding such an honorable position.

2) If Romney wins... He will automatically get the republican nomination in 2016, meaning that Rand, or any other liberty minded candidate will not be able to run on the republican ticket until 2020... Meaning, 8 more years of fascists in the white house.

Anyone else feel this way?

an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government