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I had the same

thought as well....I think one reason might be that with all of the social media available, especially the ability to document this stuff so easily with cell phones, it's almost impossible to keep people from finding out about it. It also appears that all of this blatant in your face fraud happening all over the place today that is being reported (one station said that there were thousands of complaints all over the country as earlier as 10:00 a.m. this morning), that this is somehow part the plan. They just said that NJ has just announced that they are going to be allowing people to e-mail their votes until FRIDAY!!! I think that maybe things are not quite playing out as they hoped so the tactic is going to be to cause as much confusion as possible until they can get the results they want. It also would appear to "justify" the United Nations being here to watch the polls...making it look like things have gotten so bad that we need them here to straighten this out somehow (please excuse me while I gag...). All a bunch of b.s., but I do agree it is curious that the news stations are readily reporting all of this fraud and abuse...It's anyone's guess how it plays out at this point...but one thing is very clear...Houston, we have a very big problem with the integrity of our voting system!