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I wrote in RP

I voted for the only one who earned my vote and woke me from my slumber; don't much care if they do not count it. I hope GJ does well, but I don't see this system being changed from within nor did I like Gary's stances on a few issues. I voted against every sitting candidate after that. In Northern Virginia, we had a referendum to amend our state Constitution for stricter control against eminent domain....yup, it is 2012 and we have to tighten up controls on the state's ability to take our private property. I have to laugh every time now when I hear people say "America is the greatest nation on the planet".

I told myself I would follow through with this election and make it my last. I am officially withdrawing my support from a completely broken election system. We still have the right in this country to NOT vote (unlike a few other countries where it is either mandated or you get fined).

I took my RP yard sign out of my yard today and stuck it in the median by the school where I voted just to let people know liberty is still alive and well and only growing stronger. I'll let the sheep take it down after the election.

Here is to Obama winning and causing a swift economic collapse so that we may return to a free and prosperous society.

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”
―Aldous Huxley