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Actually .. no. I'm not kidding :)

I have been subjected to enough Chris Matthews over the years enough to know, that I would have to try really, really, REALLY hard to find anything he advocates for that I would even partially agree with lol.

There might be something.

But I would almost guarantee, that it would fall under "identification of a problem" as opposed to "solution of that same problem"

ie. He might identify a crony capitalist relationship (a real one, granted) ..

... and then? in the same breath?

Immediately postulate (pontificate) that every rational intelligent individual KNOWS FOR A FACT that turning to the exact same, corrupt, bought and paid for regulators is the ONLY possible solution to the problem. :)

And that anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. (as he is foaming out the mouth ranting with disgusting spit flying everywhere.)

That's Matthews.

Yeah, definitely laugh at him, then do exactly the opposite. Good advice imo.