Comment: Most people who complain about New Hamsphire

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Most people who complain about New Hamsphire

not being the best state for the Free State Project are complaining from horribly fascist states. If you're sitting in Montana, or Wyoming, or Idaho, okay fine, you're already in a very good state for Freedom and you may have a legitimate argument why your state is better for liberty than New Hampshire.

But if you're living in pretty much any other state complaining about New Hampshire, you're a fool.

I was born and raised in California. I left a year ago for New Hampshire. It's like night and day. Anybody who claims to love liberty has no excuse to continue living in a place like California.

Imagine living in East Germany, and complaining about communism when you could easily move to west Germany. Then one day the Iron Curtain comes up and you're stuck.

California is a lost cause. Florida is a lost cause. New York is a lost cause. Abandon ship and move to a state that was voted on by thousands of liberty lovers a decade ago as being the most conducive to liberty, long before most of you became libertarians. This is the state liberty lovers are fleeing to. They're not fleeing to Arizona, or Texas, or Alabama. They're fleeing to New Hampshire.