Comment: Simply The Most Courageous Man

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Simply The Most Courageous Man

...who has ever been in the political spotlight. Every opportunity, he educates and gets in the real critical issues while warning that the changes that are coming are not good.

To say what he did on TV at this time was nothing short of a David and Goliath moment. When the fiscal surprise ball starts unwinding they will start listening to him again and we will hear, "well, you know Ron Paul predicted this."

God, I love that man. Not cult. Not hero worship. An education revolution and a message. I do not see anything wrong with loving the messenger for having the courage to deliver the message when nobody else would. It the EP...the Educational Reform Party. The only one.

I hope he wrote himself in. That is what Romney and OBama did. He backed NOBODY running publicly. And there were reasons for that and he remained true to compromise...until the end.