Comment: Love that last paragraph about your mom's HS debate

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Love that last paragraph about your mom's HS debate

Pretty savvy for a high-schooler to use those arguments back in that day.

When I was in high school, I chose to do a persuasive speech in favor of having more oil spills. I said that they donate a valuable resource to the public, they increase wildlife lubrication, and they create jobs. Obviously, each of those points is easily refuted, but I ended up getting a B on it due to the degree of difficulty for the position, and my delivery of the message.

Why I bring this up is that almost all of the awful things about foreign aid are positives for *somebody*, or we wouldn't bother with it. Consider:

1) Dictators in foreign countries endorse our decision to prop up dictators in foreign countries.

2) General Dynamics heartily endorses our policy of giving money to dictators, provided that a chunk of has to go toward purchasing F-16s.

3) Military types who are afraid of not having anyone to fight in 10 years endorse our policy of sponsoring oppressors, because it invites blowback like nobody's business.

4) Government types endorse our policy of mislabeling bribe money as humanitarian, because it's something that can be used to fool the uninformed.

5) The vapid, barely-conscious, dancing-with-the-stars-watching masses here love to feel like they're helping poor people in other countries, and foreign aid helps them feel that way, without any immediate cost to themselves.

See, lots of people like foreign aid, he just has to argue from their perspective!