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Here and loving it

So I joined after living here a while. I am originally from MT. There is a small part of the state known as Boston's bedroom, but where we are is great. We are making an impression here, its much more about the long term effect for me. My kids are in small community schools, (22 kids), there is town meeting every year where we decide everything budget wise for the town, and the communities are diverse but stable. I have joined local government, and served in my best ability to get RP votes for a big win in our town. The FSP here is what ever you want it to be, Porkfest is awesome, and no one really tells you what to do. If the SHTF, all of the east and most of the midwest is one gas tank away from a population center, so if you are looking for remote safety try eastern MT. There is enough knowledge and infrastructure here that we would all be just fine. Trade, barter, grow food, fish, hunt, raise animals, etc. Hell if ME joins in we could easily sesceed and have everything we need!

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