Comment: And That Is What He Will Do If He Draws Pro

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And That Is What He Will Do If He Draws Pro

...he is quite the actor when need be and I can see him taking it on as though he is a Romney, OBama, Bush...pick a name...and "being" them distorting the truth very persuasively. I think it is so cool that the whole group wants Con and the debate is basically resolved before it begins.

Great comments Fiat and I will pass them on to my grandson as I have all the comments. He is appreciative.

Thanks for the comment on my Mom who is dead now and never got to know about Ron Paul although she would have loved him. The "Government" approached her about a job when she graduated Magna Cum Laude from college, but she turned them down. Always laughed and said she was afraid they might try to turn her into another Mata Hari (or however you spell it.)

She was a college English professor and once gave a student an F on a paper where they were to describe in detail how to do something well enough that the instructions could be followed with success. The guy thought he'd be cute and wrote on how to score in the backseat of a sport scar. She said he wrote well about all the obstacles and difficulties and convinced her he was writing about something that he had had no success with which wasn't the assignment.