Comment: Your saying your more powerful than American Indian Shamans

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Your saying your more powerful than American Indian Shamans

who used these strategies FRUITLESSLY for 100's of years as their numbers were dwindled and destroyed.

The "masters" of the game of corporatism and capitalism do not believe in spells -- they believe in asset control.

HOWEVER -- a percentage of their wealth comes from consumers (consumers-who-purchase and consumers-who-invest) and the rest comes from political manipulation.

If you participate in voting and lobbying and you seek to right-wrongs via political means -- then you are creating value in the permanent-perfect dichotomy of political power (the circumvention of consumer-will).

In a free-society "we" control via consumption and consumption is influenced mostly by self-analysis, trusted analysis, and the meme factor.

Gov't cannot control self-analysis nor the meme factor -- they can try to certify who the analysts are but with the internet it becomes impossible -- easier to buy and corrupt the analyst than to control people picking who the analyst is.

---Gov't Circumvention of Consumer-Will
=====Credit / Currency Manipulation
=====Price Setting


Meditate on those two societies -- one has voting-and-lobbying the other does not.