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"Permission Slips"

That is what I call objects (like prayer beads) that serve as instruments of intentional focus.

Sacred geometry is everywhere and true evidence of an intelligent design throughout the universe.

Sound vibrations or frequencies are probably the most understated fundamentals to creation and manifestation and I use my voice in meditation often. Sound too, can be a form of permission slip, such as mantras.

I have seen the effects of sound on water many times and there is a lot to be learned about water itself namely the fact that it has "memory" and can be affected by our intentions and emotions. The work of Dr. Emoto is beautiful in that field of study. I am interested in using a Tibetan Bowl to "charge" drinking water. As you clearly know, water resonates with sound geometry and by the time it gets to our tap, it takes a beating and its structure gets disorganized. Sound has the ability to put it into order.

I also do focused breathing exercises during meditation and I count to 4 breathing in and 8 breathing out. This way you keep from breathing by default and keep your mind from wandering. I have recently found a new little trick to breathing and that is to see it and focus on it in 4 parts (thanks to a fellow on the Spirit Science site): 1) breathing in. 2) holding the breath in 3) breathing out 4) holding the breath out.

I am glad to connect with you my friend and with all those of like or similar mind and I will definitely find a way to use the prayer beads in my practices. I Thank you.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin