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Thank You! It Is Simply Comparing Notes :)

Thank You! It Is Simply Comparing Notes :)

I don't remember having ever gotten into an argument with you.

Please forgive me but I don't remember you too well. Some I do. Those who have worked most closely with me. Now above all: SailingAway. Many others too.

But anyhow: Thank you and for me, "disagreements" are simply comparing notes. Friendly debates and discussions.

Most people on this planet are kind people ♥ Thank God!

When you look at "disagreements" they are usually so minor!

"I like Flamenco Music" - "Well: I Like Country Music".

In fact our little "differences" help us learn things from one another we might now have known about. In the end, ONLY "The Big Picture" matters: Our place in this world and in the lives of one another ♥

It has been a Once-In-A-Lifetime Honor to have been here together with all of you and I hope our friendships remain: Forever :) ♥

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