Comment: Colorado Prop 64 Passing-Legal Marijauna!

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Colorado Prop 64 Passing-Legal Marijauna!



Lots of energy coming up.

Today is a monumental and historic day as we see the Proposition 64 to legalize the usage of Marijuana by adults in the great State of Colorado passing! We put a lot of light on this to make sure they did not attempt to flip-flop the vote!

Here is the latest and possible final tally. Let's hope it does not change.


Percent Votes

Yes 52.41% 680,796

No 47.59% 618,218

Total Votes 1,299,014

From this link:

Many have suffered so much from babylons war on the people's choice for spirituality and medicine for the mind and body. Let all the wars end at the round table with a good smoke. Love and Light must prevail.