Comment: A Message of Unity is Great - But Let's Also Be Realistic and

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A Message of Unity is Great - But Let's Also Be Realistic and

truthful. The election and re-election of Barack Obama signifies not only a demographic change in America but confirms a change in the political philosophy of the American general populace. Obama's re-election means the trend for America's long-term outlook is toward socialism. What that means to people who supported Ron Paul, like me, is that Paul's limited government will never be a political reality until such time that our in-debted goernment, propped up by the Fed, has a monetary collapse and/or some type of real revoltion. Libertarians will always be fringe and never be a significant part of the populace. And that folks is the straight talk. Tough message, but start with the truth and make decisions from that basis. We can all now look toward increasing government intrusion and controlled industries and markets. Just jump on the wagon and see where it goes or consider other places to live. And for the life of me, I can think of no other country worth consideration of immigrating to. Good luck, God Bless and it has been fun.