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Colorado State Liberty Candidates

Here in Colorado Owen Hill (R) won a seat in the Colorado Senate in my District (10).

Also Janak Joshi (R) won a seat in the Colorado House in my district (16).

I met both at the El Paso Co. Convention and I supported both of them. Owen is a Ron Paul Republican and Janak is more of a Common Sense Conservative, for the People, NOT the Lobbies. I like them both and they will be good for our Colorado Legislature.

In my Congressional District (5), unfortunately, we have to deal with DeceptiCON Rep. Doug Lamborn for another couple years... I was surprised to see Jim Pirtle (L) pull 7% though, while Tisha Casida (I) is only showing 3% in CD-3. I wish Tisha could have taken CD-3 and I'm a little shocked that she is pulling less in CD-3 than Pirtle did in CD-5.

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