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John Brunner or even Sarah Steelman

Did you forget that the Dems hand-picked Akin to be her opponent:

"Rand Paul endorsed Akin"

He also endorsed Romney. He was doing his part for his party, once again. That "endorsement" came 2 months after the primary was over. I hardly call that an endorsement when it is endorsing a member of his party against a completely statist Democrat. He was trying to help his party gain control of the Senate, and if his efforts were successful, he could take some credit for it and further the cause of liberty within the party.

The GOP said they wouldn't support Akin with any funds. He should have stepped aside at that time to let Brunner, the runner-up, take his place.

The Libertarian candidate? Who cares what he had to say? He didn't even cover the gap in votes between McCaskill and Akin. When I said liberty candidates, I certainly wasn't talking about that jerk from the LP who called Ron Paul a dinosaur.

EDIT: When did I say it was "smart" for McCaskill to be reelected?

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