Comment: Personal experience while voting today

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Personal experience while voting today

A brief comment on the video; it seems like a moot point now since the electoral vote is going to Obama but let's put it in the realm of possibility that something fishy was going on with the machine. Whether the video was edited, or the machine was uncalibrated or tampered, voting fraud is a real concern for those who still think change can be had through the process.

Now for my experience today at the voting booth.

As I was going through my choices in the booth, I had the opportunity to eavesdrop on the poll workers and their discussion on how to handle people who were adamant about casting a vote even if they were not eligible somehow. Indeed voting integrity should be a concern for these poll workers but one of them (to paraphrase) said, "just give them this to let them feel good about voting. that way you won't have to argue." I had to vote and go to work, but I was simply aghast at what I was hearing and how this worker had no inkling of how this comes across as vote tampering in the least if not corruption of the process. Now, there seem to be confusion where I was with polling places not being the same or being switch since the primary (my polling place had changed for example) but they seemed to have a precinct map on hand to direct people to go. Perhaps the guy I overheard was trying to describe issuing provisional ballots. Who knows? Perhaps I should have asked. But I think it does go to show that we should all be cognizant of incompetence that could be had anywhere in the process from poorly trained volunteers to even dishonest vote counters and the sum of these actions could be certainly consequential in close races.