Comment: If you wanted to win...

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If you wanted to win...

If you wanted to win the presidency, you should have taken the threats from Obama more seriously, and taken Ron Paul more seriously. Ron Paul had serious issues that he would have brought to the table during the general election, and he had the power to rally the base and bring almost every self-identified independent voter over to him. It is absolutely ridiculous that the man was relegated to giving advice and talking points to the news media during the course of his campaign.

So as much as it is a victory for Obama, who really cares? The Republican Party refuses to change with the times. You've got a nutcase Congressman claiming that rape is God's will. When these clowns in Washington with their 7-11% approval rating get their act together, and stop blocking every single piece of legislation for 4 years, maybe you'll see a Republican president.

When they start addressing who has financial control of this country, and start running on a platform of campaign finance reform again, maybe you'll see some activity. Now let's see you run against someone who isn't even running for office in 4 years... all of a sudden you'll discover that you're running against your constituents.

If the Republicans don't shape up they're going to start losing seats in the house in 2 years, and it will be a well deserved smack upside the head from the American people. It's not like NO ONE noticed what the House has been doing for the last 2 years -- i.e. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The 2 year filibuster cost you the presidency. It's as simple as that. The mission was never to improve the country. It was to cut taxes by 15-20% on the top 1% of income earners and "make Barack Obama a 1 term president" with absolutely no original thinking or ideas to campaign on themselves.

Start by kicking the goddamn lobbyists out of your offices you greedy bastards.