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RP didn't live in CA

In CA we have loyalty oaths, and that's the way it is, and if I don't like it, which I don;'t, then I can write a resolution and shop it around to a congressperson in CA to go for it.. but until something gets done in CA about loyalty oaths, they are part of the package in CA and other places.

It's not about Ron Paul, but his message and getting that message materialized. If that means I have to take a loyalty oath, I did.. because it assues I have my elected seat to materialize the message where I live. That is not my idea.

If the loyalty oath is the hang up, than people need to learn, that by running away, you keep it on place.. it is by joining and changing.. and this is exceptionally hard for many people who may have or like political/power asperations.. Ron Paul's principles, he did not, nor do I or many RP CANs I know.. I think this is why our rEVOLution will work.. and we will win.. sit back and watch us if you prefer.. politics is not for everyone.. spectator sport for most.