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I've been thinking about

I've been thinking about using strategically placed Title 47, Part 15 unlicensed low-power transmitters in conjunction with billboards. These transmitters are very low power and absolutely require height to perform cleanly for a radius of ~ .5 mile. * A few of these transmitters should cover any moderately sized city. The billboards can state the AM frequencies used along with other brief information. Use the billboards as a method of exposure and the AM transmitters as a method of response and elaboration. I'm almost willing to wager on the effectiveness of this approach compared to a normally run campaign for a FRACTION of the cost. Sure, every city would need several dedicated volunteers to site and operate the transmitters to broadcast rebuttal information relayed to the local network. Maybe this concept sounds nutty and amateurish, but I think it would work after the initial shock and awe. ;)

* Any height more than ~ 1' above the earth requires NO RF ground or an elevated counterpoise.