Comment: Well you better get on it quick

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Well you better get on it quick

The pundits are already starting the propaganda that it's the tea party elements that lost the election. That the reason romney lost was not because he was too moderate and not conservative, but because he was leaning too far to the right and trying to appease the tea party types. That he needed to come more towards the center and be more progressive... straight up nonsense. And this was on fox and several different neocon news stations and sites.

Best get to countering this storyline quick. Since they're on TV saying it the sheep will believe it and then we have a new mess on our hands. Also do as FBIexposer suggests down below, get involved, or it's not the neocons that will be purged. It may already be too late, it's already in motion. Not much if any time to rest. Make sure people know who and what is to blame here and its not the people demanding we follow the constitution.