Comment: This talk of purging sounds

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This talk of purging sounds

This talk of purging sounds like the USSR. There is no reason to push people aside. We need to engage them and convince them. We can all remember the time before we realized that Ron Paul has the right ideas; we were all as wrong-headed as any of them, once upon a time. Pretending to be a closed fraternity of the enlightened will get us nowhere. We need to become the mainstream. How to we do that? Perhaps Rand Paul was right to mix in with the crowd. Perhaps that is what we should all be doing. Perhaps all of us should be showing up for work at local party offices where morale is low, to help start cleaning up the debris. As for knocking out potential stars like Marco Rubio, nothing could please me more than to see an attractive candidate like Rubio picking up on Ron Paul's ideas. Let us remember that in politics we all follow the ideas of one leader then another until we get to Ron Paul. This is the moment when we should be out there helping the demoralized electorate to look up and see the truth.