Comment: Problem for them is, they can't blame us.

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Problem for them is, they can't blame us.

There is no State where Romney could have won even if all GJ and RP write-ins went to him. Not one.

The closest one is Florida, but to be fair, if you claim ALL of Gary's votes (and any RP write-ins if there are any) should go to Romney (which is absurd, because some might have well gone to Obama or stayed home) then it is only reasonable to say all Jill Stein and Rosanne Barr votes in that State should go to Obama.

In that case, Obama still wins Florida too.

Regardless, even if Romney were to win Florida that way, he still would have lost the election, even if every GJ and RP voter and even every other 3rd party voter voted for Romney. That's because Obama got over 50% in every other State he won.

Face it GOP. You got your butt kicked tonight and you can't blame it on anyone but yourselves.

You nominated a sucky candidate.

Had you nominated Ron Paul, he would have won over the anti-war and civil liberties crowd from Obama, he would have pulled more independents, and he would have won.

Sucks to be you GOP.