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Comment: Romney lost in part because

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Romney lost in part because

Romney lost in part because of his anti liberty positions on woman's issues. He was opposed to abortion and went back and forth about exceptions in cases of rape and incest.

I hate to say this as a Ron Paul supporter because of his advocacy of the Constitution and his principled record of voting based on his oath of office, but Ron Paul is perceived by many as against a woman's right to choose.

His argument that life takes precedence over her liberty shows that to him her liberty is overruled and ignored. In the name of the life of a fertilized microscopic cell which merely contains the POTENTIAL to become a human being.

At least Gary Johnson is pro choice and there for more consistently pro liberty!

Ron Paul is in strange company with men like Akin and the other loser who believes that God intended for a raped woman to become pregnant by the rapist.

It is about time you "pro life" people grasp the distinction between an actual human being, the pregnant woman, and a POTENTIAL human being, the fertilized microscopic ovum.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.