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"because filling an empty hopper caused a lot of spillage all the way up the conveyor line, "

The hopper at the start where the Dozer feeds the material is distant from the first crusher and so there are many conveyor belts, one dumps onto another, and at the dumping points there will be a surge of material, an overload, all along the way, spilling, to be cleaned up by shovel, as the gap in the empty hopper is filled with that surge, like dumping too much milk in the bowl of corn flakes.


Worst case scenarios are even worse, so too much of that makes the whole operation useless, and the weak link is the idiot on the Dozer.

"Do you think any of the other Cat operators were sleeping???"

There are many, what are the odds?

"Say someone creates a law that becomes law. That person dies. That law has been created and now all the living people have to meet the letter of that law. Lets say the cost of meeting the letter of that law grows exponentially everytime that law is met so as the law power (legal criminals benefiting who did not create that law) continues to gain and the innocent continue to pay the law at an ever increasing loss of power, would that be like a thing doing something because the person that created thing is dead?"

Here is where individual sovereignty, being true until someone commits a crime, works again. You say "law", in the quotes above, but in point of fact you are describing crime, you are describing the crime of fraud, which is a lie, and I remember learning this during my Sunday school days in West Orange New Jersey, back when I had that meeting with God and the Devil, where I was mediating between them, I spoke of that meeting earlier, but in that same time period I was given a key, I think my Aunt Mary gave me this key, and she was deeply religious, she informed me about how lies work.

One lie requires two lies to cover the first one.

Four lies are required to cover the first two.

Do not start down that path, it will consume you.

"I think that illustration is what is causing me trouble."

Man-made law is counterfeit God's law, yes or no?

Who says no?

Do you trust them?

If not, why not?

A man who says my law is God's Law is not to be trusted because the lie is self evident?

So what do you do about that self-evident liar?

Pay him a lot of money to lie more for you?

I am describing The Constitution.

It was a lie, and we have gone through that, Patrick Henry blew the whistle, in no uncertain terms.

If it is crime, then it is crime, and the excuse of The Constitution is diversion, the criminal who commits the crime is responsible for committing the crime - end of story.

So the least we humans can do is try to avoid people who set out to lie to us, it seems to me, at least recognize the lies as lies.

If someone like Carl Miller works to keep the criminals off the victims, and Carl Miller uses his talents to argue the cases based upon the good parts of The Constitution (the words are not "good" themselves, but the intended meanings are good, wise, recognitions of facts, such as "do no harm" which means "do not disarm innocent people" which means the Bill of Rights for example) then it is no more the credit of The Constitution, even if Carl Miller says as much, it is no more The Constitution being accountable, instead of Carl Miller being accountable, than it is The Constitution being accountable for George Washington and Alexander Hamilton crushing The Whiskey Rebellion.

People do things.

Lies injure people.

Lies only injure the people who are led to believe the lies.

How invented the lie?

No person to invent the lie, no lie.

The inventor of the lie is gone, people still stare at the sun, go blind, even after the 10th generation of blind people are still obeying the lie that says staring at the sun is good for your eyes?

What ever happened to self-evident truth?

How can any lie stand up to the light of day, without more liars taking the place of the inventors?

The lie didn't do anything, it is, itself, inert.

"I think that illustration is what is causing me trouble. Is Joe’s Law a thing? Does a person have to use it as a tool, or once something is produced into oversupply does the tool take on a life of its own?"

If you take all the law books, all the economic books, and all the political theory books that you have read and you tried to simplify all that information, as best you can, what would you come up with, in so many words?

Here is a famous quote:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

On that link, and in context according to your question, there are these words too:

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."

Joe's Law, so named because no one else will own up to it, except Howard Bloom, you, and I, so it now has my name on it, is, it is, simple, it is not as simple as "do no harm", you tell me, who needs all those law books, all that political philosophy, and all that economic theory?

Why do they need all that stuff?

I don't.

I have a very simple, easy to understand, basic principled understanding of political economy.

I think it is priceless.

I give it away.

I dump it on the open market, below cost.

No one is buying it.

I don't know way.

Funny story:

I made coleslaw. Twice now. No one but me eats it. So call it Joe's Slaw.

My son laughs.

I ask why.

He says, you don't get it do you?

I say get what.

He says Joe's Slaw, Joe's s slaw, Joe slaw, Joe's law.

Get it?

I call my son Mr. Funny boy, from when he was about 3 years old.

I put radishes in my Joe's Slaw last time.

No one is buying it.

If someone is feeling less that powerful, ever, but that have some power left, enough to get out of bed, what do they do?

Eat breakfast?

Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.

Why does someone wake up feeling like a million dollars?

Some days it costs too much to get out of bed.

Some nights a person just has to type, can't sleep.

Power comes from somewhere.

Is it better to use what you have to get more, or is it better to use what you have to keep power from everyone else?

Where do I get all these sentences?

I've used my power to figure out Joe's Law.

It is a key.

If you can use it, you will know it, it won't be ambiguous.

Take one solar panel, costing x, before long the solar panel makes enough power to afford to buy 2 more, what does that mean?

That is the reverse of a lie.

Take two people, how many people can they make?

Take one seed, fertilized, how many plants, like lies, grow from that one seed?

Lies are inert.

What makes them grow?

What is the reverse of Joe's Law?

Power produced into scarcity increases the price of power while purchasing power decreases because lack of power makes production expensive.

If you were all alone from birth to death how many steel sewing needles can you make?

No bear cubs to help get you out of bed either.

"Are these stupid questions? I am worried that I may have embarrassed you in my rather public gushing of appreciation for my JTK education. Was it OK?"

You have me confused with your imagination there, since there is no way I can ever repay you for that boost of power you gave me.

I will forever be incapable of measuring up to that honor.

I can't thank you enough, ever.

You are very generous, kind, and uncommonly helpful, if not very good at guessing what other people think.

"I have sent you words twice on Anglo Saxon migration and White Supremicy. I want to know if you read my words. You do not need to answer as to your thougths about them if they are private, but I want to know if I need to keep saying Look Look Look"

Please link or quote something specific along those lines, I am at a loss as to what these words are specifically.

People commit crimes, not whites.

I think the words "without prejudice" constitute another key.

Thanks for opening doors for me.

I didn't have those keys, now I do.

"Does not understanding raise her voice?"

We won't be staring at the sun much longer?