Comment: I thought that I would sleep well last night

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I thought that I would sleep well last night

I though that I would sleep well last night, but I did not. This nation will not be one that I knew.

2016 we may have a shot again. Had romney won, no doubt the sheep would put another democrat in after him, potentially setting us back until AT LEAST 2020 or beyond. The endless cycle of establishment R, D, R, D must stop.

But I still worry about the next 4 years. obama has stated to Putin that he will have greater freedom this election. It will be up to each and all to fight every step of the way and to help educate others. Utilize power of print, blogs, etc. while we still have it.

REMINDER: Dennis Kucinich will host a briefing November 16 to discuss targeted killing, and the implication of drone policy at home and abroad. SPREAD THIS this like the dickens:

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul