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I have been trying to convince my wife to move to NH for a few years now. The major deterrent for her is the fact that she spends a great deal of time with her family and a five or six hour drive is simply too far for her. I think the results of this election - not just last night, but the entire process beginning with the primary - may have started to open their eyes.

Why knows, maybe we'll see you all up there?

PS - Another option I have been considering is purchasing a place up there that is easier to "share" (say, something like a rental house with a mother-daughter apartment or a barn with a loft in addition to a house) so that I could have a back-up plan in place that is kept by fellow lovers of liberty / haters of states who want to relocate but might not have the means to do so at this very moment. I have not found any programs like this through the FSP... maybe through DP?

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