Comment: And so it begans

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And so it begans

It wasnt so much that Obama won against a weak GOP was the socialist senators that also won handily. The exit polls are extremely disturbing. This country has taken a hard turn to the left.

"We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions" -Barack Obama, Acceptance Speech last night.

The communist got his way. God help us.

Those of you that think last night was good for liberty are, sorry to say, delusional. If Romney is a "far right Randian" for wanting to cut 5% of spending.....then what are libertarians? Last night was the worst election outcome I could think of.

The exit polls say it all. This country has swung hard left, certainly not in the direction favorable to a libertarian-conservative.

We would be very lucky to get Rand in 2016. I am very concerned about our country after last night, very concerned.