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So Would I :

FUN FUN FUN so far.

I'm running through the Docket Sheet now with an occasional side trip.

Manoeuvres are being plaid by the court system. No judge will take this on, for what ever reason.

All motions for extended time have been summarily granted.

The court is taking motions to bifurcate ( divide issues for trial ).

Motions to sever are coming in.

Clerks are overloaded trying to sort issues and parties into smaller chunks looking for a judge with out conflict to assign a chunk too.

Very difficult task if even possible. The Plaintiffs, Respondents and Allegations are interwoven every which way.

Complaint names a total of 1808 defendants. By naming hundreds of Pass Through Mortgage and Investment Trusts, forfeiture is being lined up. Just like when charges are brought against your house because you rented to someone busted for growing Cannabis in the basement.

A Congressional Sub Committee Report from JULY 17, 2012 is offered in whole rather than in evidential reference.

There is a probable legal scramble coming up. Congressional Records are unsettled whether they are primary or secondary evidence. Lawyers will likely argue this along the way.

Rod Class makes a good argument for primary in his court playing.

Complaint also contains the press release, how shall I say, a unique feature at least.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info