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This is certainly bittersweet. I had been thinking about comparing RP primary votes and GJ election votes in various contested states to Romney's margin of loss. Thanks to Canada4RonPaul who did it for us here:

The obvious potential flaw in this logic being that it does not adjust for RP primary voters who bit the bullet and voted for Romney. That said, I would bet that at least 50% of RP's primary voters - and if I had to estimate based on my unscientific sampling of friends and known RP supporters, I would say closer to three quarters - did not vote for Mitt Romney. It looks like this would have been pretty close. That said, the GOP will never admit that. The pundits will not address it in all of their limitless analytic wisdom. Frankly, it does us no good either way, and the fairly overwhelming success of Obama proves the terrible state of affairs of this country (not that Romney would have been any better, but at least he dressed in freedom-loving clothes most of the time).

The silver lining that I take from these results is the fact that the likelihood of the crash happening on a central-planner's watch has increased tremendously. Obama will now have eight years to implement his agenda on us. My money says things will get very ugly during his next four. At that point, the future of freedom and humanity will likely depend on how Americans respond.

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