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Look up HJR 192

Had politicians taken your rights away they would have been guilty of treason, insurrection and rebellion against the constitution. What happened in 1933 was that FDR made you a shareholder in US corp in return for your money. Only gold and silver coin is money. I have a very educational email exchange between someone extremely knowledgeable and their county treasurer I would be happy to forward to anyone that wants to add me to skype or email me.

If you send me a private message I will get it in my email box. Here's a hint: A "promise to pay" is same as cash and any time you put your signature on something - you are authorizing a credit withdrawal from your trust account. Anyone who takes an oath to the constitution is a public trustee. Today's "money" is a complete fiction as well as a FED RESERVE NOTE being an instrument of debt. It's not money.

The biggest deal with respect to the mortgage foreclosure crisis that you will likely NEVER hear about in the media is that as soon as you signed the promissory note - that was PAYMENT IN FULL. The bank had no money. The credits were created after you signed the contract. How can the bank offer your credits as their consideration, their part of the contract if they did not exist before you signed it? Research the Township of Credit River Decision for more information.

If this is twisting your brain in knots then remember: The fraud works because you can't comprehend it. If you can't comprehend it then how can you claim fraud? Slavery worked by not allowing slaves to read and write - it was illegal if you taught them. Today Americans are "not allowed" to know law. You're supposed to "ask an attorney." This is also a fraud because there is no such thing as a "license to practice law." It is a certificate from a private BAR association - a private company. It's not a license.

The main thing you need to realize is you never lost your rights. You have contracted them away. The good news is in basic contract law if you were deceived and therefore did not have full knowledge of the terms of the contract and did not enter into it willingly and faithfully - the contract is voidable. Until you void it - there is the presumption that you have full knowledge of the terms.