Comment: I wasn't trying to be prophetic either...

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I wasn't trying to be prophetic either...

I didn't know who was going to win the election either.

But I DID know that we were wasting a lot of time vilifying and whipping a dead horse.
The PRESIDENTIAL election was over months ago. And despite the fact that we had good liberty candidates running and even some not-so-bad GOP candidates that we should have been supporting, we still spent 90% of our time trying to convince each other to vote or write in presidential candidate X or (worse) accusing each other of being traitors or idiots because we were voting for candidate Y.

Voting machine hacking is a real threat, and I agree that we should be doing our best to preserve a paper voting trail.
But associating it with a specific candidate or party just adds noise and confusion to the discussion.
Not to mention making us look foolish when our particular conspiracy theory appears to be proven false.

You might try re-reading "Chicken Little" or "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

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