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I believe the answer is

not to vote in the democracy by "registering" and then voting on electronic voting machines and not having your votes counted in full public view. What needs to happen is for us to completely side step the current system, educate the people who vote in it about the law and restore the lawful republic of the people. Common law STILL EXISTS and is enforceable but only through tedious individual study and learning how to establish it on a case by case basis in the court room.

This post describes a workable plan to re-establish common law, by default, in your county. Two years from now there will be sheriff elections in this country. It should be priority one here at the Daily Paul to elect constitutional sheriffs who will agree to re-establish common law in their counties. You can also compel a recall election for sheriff RIGHT NOW just by gathering enough signatures.

If you do want to vote in the democracy - the quickest path to liberty is to elect a sheriff who will re-establish a republican form of government (constitutional) for all in your county. This is very feasible if we could get the grass roots liberty movement to focus on it, work the plan and carry it out.

A constitutional government is when the government DOES NOT CREATE ANY RULES that the people must follow. The government is supposed to protect rights but also enforce private contracts at the request of one of the parties to the contract (what courts are SUPPOSED to be for). Ron Paul hinted at this - the FACT is this IS a reality in LAW... important note here is that STATUES are NOT LAW. If they are law then why do they not call it a law on the document you are sent in the mail which references the STATUTE that you violated?

If it's law - then call it a law. Statutes are only VERBALLY called law... they do not call them law in writing. They keep sticking that in your head over and over that this or that statute they created is a LAW (brainwashing) when in fact it's just a corporate policy for employees of the corporation.

Once re-established in your county - you will no longer have to "register" to vote. You will go to your election place, grab a paper ballot, vote and then put it in a big box - and that box will later be opened and the votes will be counted in public view.

In order to make this happen you must ALSO support your local sheriff and be willing to join the Sheriff's posse.