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Yep! There were only a couple

Yep! There were only a couple advantages I saw in Obama. One, we'll go down faster which will be a HUGE wake-up call to Americans once the pain hits. I'd rather do it now, take responsibility for the mess, than leave it to my child. We do have some people who will scream for the government to help them; similar to when Hitler was accepted. But there are enough libertarian types now I think that maybe others will listen (I'm praying anyway). The other thing I saw positive in Obama (if you can call it that) was standing down on attacking Iran when Netanyahu was whining only a couple months ago. I don't know if he was using wisdom to stand down or only holding out until the "time is right" such as economic meltdown. Someone even suggested maybe he started reading some of Dr. Paul's books and possibly understanding. I highly doubt it but one can only hope. If he truly meant to undermine the Constitution by becoming a "Constitutional scholar", maybe he read Ron Paul writings to undermine him too but changed his mind! Yeah! Well, again, one can only hope. sigh