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Go to the head of the class!

Exactly right with the one exception that rights are not voted away they are contracted away by your registration to participate in the democratic form of government.

In reality, if you're not in contract with the corporation by registration, having a driver license, a social security contract or having had filled out a tax form you are NOT REQUIRED to follow ANY statutes or acts of "government."

The problem with that reality is that so many public servants have been brainwashed that you DO have to follow statutes. Your remedy then is to be mired in the study of law and being able to force the issue in a court room.

Generations ago "civics" was a principle part of education. At that time the people knew the law without needing to go to college. The Federal Department of Education replaced "civics" with "American history." Law schools do not teach law, they only teach procedure. These law schools are controlled by the banking cartel same as the Federal Reserve System is.

The banking cartel controls the BAR associations which control the court systems - the court systems are where you go when your rights are violated. "Law enforcement" is supposed to know the law but they don't - they are only conditioned to follow the orders of their superiors in a MILITARY STYLE top-down structure where they are brainwashed that the people are the privates.