Comment: I can't wait to hear it

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I can't wait to hear it

The first thing out of my mouth will be: Are you serious? I thought I heard some radio guy not too long ago, or maybe some fox news people say that the liberty movement were just an insignificant number of Rabble Rousers made up of the misinformed, small minded know nothings or aging hippies who just want to sit around and smoke pot all day! Then again, It could have been somebody on CNN. Either way; You don't think those highly connected and successful information sources with so much clout could ever be wrong could they? I mean, they are so in touch with the pulse of the country and all, it must be something else that caused r0bomney to loose. There's no way it was the handful of liberty movement people. You hardly ever hear anything about them. And I'm sure it had nothing to do with the so called blowback by that small group for the criminal behavior of the GOP establishment or any of that stuff about cheating. In fact I don't even recall hearing anything about any of that stuff on the news either so it couldn't be that. I know!!! It must have been that the 0bama people cheated by reprogramming the voting machines or secret groups of former acorn people at it again making dead people rise up and vote. Either way, try not to think or worry too much, I'm sure hannity or levin will figure it all out for you. Don't forget to listen to limbaugh too. I know you'll get the answers you're looking for from him. Remember; Rush is always right. Plus, if you start talking conspiracy, people might think you're some kind of kook. (cough)
Again, I can't wait to get into it with one of the many neocon business associates who kept ignoring my attempts to educate them.
It's a good day.