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Hey Big Boy!

Can you tell me how you think about this. It is troubling for me, but I didn't bring it up before the election because there was not point.

I understand the concept of 4 more years of Obama instead of 8 with Romney.

I am afraid of the next 4 years. I am afraid of an unbridled Obama who doesn't care about the next election and who doesn't mind signing EO after EO.

For some reason I would have felt safer if Romney had won, but I know that is really not true either. I suppose it is still some blindness on my part, so if you have any words, I'd appreciate them.

My husband and I both wrote in Ron Paul here in Missouri! I was surprised that he would do that. He is alot busier than I so he is not quite completely awake but coming along...he is alot smarter than me though so I am looking forward to him being completely awake!