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Comment: The establishment GOP on Fox is already compromising.

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The establishment GOP on Fox is already compromising.

A lot of those talking heads have already called to "get rid of the extremists in the party", have called to campaign to raise taxes and to moderate and get rid of the conservative message so they can appeal to the left.

They're already murdering any connection to liberty and conservatism.

Granger, I'm with you 100% in removing those socialist shits from the GOP forever, however I want to be realistic about liberty's chances there and the task ahead requires us to essentially turn the GOP voters libertarian. That's a colossal but essential task to saving the GOP. It might be better to let the GOP sink with the socialism it now represents because they are trying to steer Republicans deeper into socialism and falsehood. We are on the rise, but can we take charge in time to stop the coming collapse? I don't think so. It'll be all about changing the lives of local patriots beyond a political level and on a moral level.

I'll be with you in this little Game of Thrones of yours. But I won't be surprised if it fails, just be ready when it does because I know you believe in liberty like we all do and we know no one can stop an idea whose time has come.

The only way government suppresses us is if we allow it to.