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I disagree

I believe the Republican Party did win and they are very happy about the outcome. They got their second choice, Obama.

Sure they would like to have Romney in there because he had an “R” by his name but it wasn't that important to them. Think about it. Is there really any difference between the two??????? Hell no!

There is absolutely no doubt in their minds that Ron Paul could have easily swept this election (in a fair election) if they would've supported him very little or if they would have just been fair about the whole thing and fallowed the rules. But if they would have done this they would have lost. They would have lost because Ron Paul is too honest and wouldn't have let the republican and democrat corruption continue. The ONLY way the Republican Party could lose was to allow Ron Paul to win.

So make no mistake about it. The Republican Party won because the corruption will be allowed to continue.

"The show must go on"