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Hiding in the Woods I read them after the fact to try to get some pointers. I am afraid I am not a good sparing partner there for many reasons. I think your IQ is higher than mine for one! I totally understand and "want" to be kind; however, I was only trying to talk about a kids homeschooling program which I think is interesting. Didn't expect it to go where it went. And, I did read the whole thing. I also read Octobox (who is a great thinker) and yet I don't like to think along those lines and, at my age, don't have to. Let others get into the finer points of differences intellectually among "l" and "L" of a lot of dead people who had much to offer and yet, of course, disagreed on some points. I used to enjoy getting overly into the semantics of concepts, but am now more interested in The Word than how you string up words that others can attack based on the words used rather than the point understood. You know?

I am more into what do we do now. I am a light weight and only recently came out of too much study of the dark side of politics which scared me to death and am now trying to better integrate my spiritual side and natural tendency toward finding the good with the reality that is. That is why I gravitate to your posts as you seem to be doing that very well.

I recently moved from a very bad situation in California to Memphis and am very much in transition and re-grouping. Trying to temper my DP addiction with attending to things I ought to be doing. Once I settle I will get more active locally, but probably in Dallas. Look at my post on "Transitioning to the Message" as that is where I settled after last night and recent events. Click my name and it is a post, not a comment. Tell me behind the bushes ...hahah...what you think as it slid down fast. I am too wordy and, hence, dialogue with some people only encourages me to NOT change. I like your posting balance..makes your posts not only relevant, but also read. You are a very good writer IMO.