Comment: Chris Matthews, Idiot Specialist & NBC TV Host Idiotic Edition.

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Chris Matthews, Idiot Specialist & NBC TV Host Idiotic Edition.

Making his idiotic view ride above the news, he has found perspective that suits him. This rant to limit public choice is not in the public interest. Matthews is seemingly not aware that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved General Electric ®... GE's 51% sale of NBC ® to Comcast ® - with the express proviso that the newly formed monopoly better serve the public interest & not squelch public opinion.

And although the merger was approved by federal regulators, some consumer and media watchdog groups are still upset, namely because Comcast is already the nation's largest provider of cable television services.

"By controlling both information and the ways people access that information -- by cable, broadcast and the Internet -- Comcast-NBC can and will block competition, stifle innovation and silence independent, opposing viewpoints," said Josh Silver, president of nonprofit organization Free Press in a statement Saturday.

The one commissioner of the FCC who voted against the deal, Michael Copps, seemed to share those concerns. "At the end of the day, the public interest requires more -- much more -- than it is receiving," Copps said in a statement earlier this month.

Still, the FCC and Justice Department did attach several conditions to the merger. Comcast agreed to expand local news coverage, add more programs for Spanish-speaking viewers and offer Internet access to schools and libraries.

[Comcast is expanding its idiotic coverage to quell FCC fears (stated in its GE - Comcast merger proviso) that Comcast (51% owner) & GE (49% owner) is indeed a monopoly that is too big to fail.]

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