Comment: Black Magic & Shamanism: Who's Laughing Now?

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Black Magic & Shamanism: Who's Laughing Now?

Hello, and good morning. I was going to tell you yesterday, but patience is a virtue.

To answer your question: I do not have ONE Stream of Shamanism running through me. I have TWO, which is very rare.

Native American and Tibetan. So do many of my friends.

They were all at work last night. Did we have anything to do with this? We will never know, but what I do know is that we tried our best.

If we could have "tipped the scales" 0.0001% then: I am happy.

"Energy Flows Where Attention Goes"

The KEY word in Shamanism is: INTENT! Shamans would actually SCREAM: INTENT! If you had ever been to a Gathering Of Shamans working on healing a person, you would see them do rounds of prayers, each taking turns and after each round screams of: INTENT!

The Illuminati Use Black Magic: Fight Fire With Fire. R[3]VOLUTION!

Shamans All Over The World Were At Work Last Night.

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