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Everyone has their own way of fighting. There's a lot of mistrust for the LP as well, especially after the Bob Barr fiasco. Also, a lot of people here didn't like Gary Johnson. They had their reasons and I don't agree, but we don't always agree with each other. Heck, I couldn't vote for Johnson because Michigan hosed him, even though I wanted to! I went US Taxpayers Party (our version of the Constitution Party) instead.

Think about it this way:

We took our shot. We made a good dent in them and didn't bend to Romney for the most part. May have cost him the election honestly. We also elected at least 2 more new Liberty guys to the House of Reps, maybe 3. 1 Senator who MAY turn out to be good and on our side, at least on a few issues.

It's not a bad catch for us for an election year. We just have to keep repeating that and keep moving. I honestly think totally taking over the GOP is the best maneuver. The LP honestly has been a bit of a failure organizationally, and I've been a small l libertarian my entire voting life. I'd love to see them grow and will vote for them every chance I get, but I really don't think they're our best option for success. I think it's MUCH easier to infiltrate the GOP and take them over.

Just my strategic opinion. I'm sure others have their own.

Eric Hoffer