Comment: I fully expect a number of Rand bashers....

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I fully expect a number of Rand bashers....

... to remain active on the Daily Paul into the indefinite future.
After all there is still the "danger" that we might actually take control of the Republican Party, elect more good congressman and U.S. senators, and actually field a viable presidential candidate in 2016.

But our opposition (and their witting or unwitting puppets within our midst) are going to do everything in their power to get us to schism into a thousand powerless splinter groups.

Anyone who relentlessly demands ideological purity and a godlike consistency in our liberty candidates and leaders is either incredibly naive or a mole.

Anyone who keeps dredging up the same tired grievances about Rand or has a hissy fit every time he cooperates with any establishment politician should cause our antennae to quiver.

People who continue to bash Rand, Jack Hunter, and Doug Wead (especially if they insist that we all join in on the bashing) are definitely going on MY watch list.

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