Comment: yeah, it's incredibly hard

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yeah, it's incredibly hard

Yeah, it's incredibly hard not to get pissed off at my democrat former coworkers as well, as they truck along ignorantly thinking they've achieved something wonderful, bunch of idiots...

We had an awesome, honest, intellectual candidate running for the house here in Illinois, but the morons who voted didn't even watch the debates between the blatant statist democrat woman, loaded with cash and stupid ideas, vie against the young business owner who actually said he'd be willing to work for free and presented real solutions. He actually said that he genuinely just wanted to help fix this corrupt state...and what do the people in Champaign county do? They voted for the mainstream idiot overwhelmingly.

It just gets me so angry that people somehow think that politics can be anything but personal, considering that both left and right are essentially saying to us 'We don't like allowing you to make your own decisions in your life, we think we know better and should force you to comply with our political party', that's what infuriates me...the complete acceptance of dipping into our pockets and our personal lives and saying they're correct in doing so, I don't have much compassion for that.