Comment: Gas lines are short to nonexistent anymore

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Gas lines are short to nonexistent anymore

Still many stations are without gas or are offline, but it is slowly coming back. Certainly reduced consumption of generator fuel helps alleviate the lines with more homes being restored, along with more deliveries and stations powered up. So it's hard to tell how much can be attributed to the odd/even mandate. However, it is no longer a mad dash to the gas stations as it was last week. Folks are actually planning their usage more carefully knowing it is only available to them on certain days. I know it is counter to free market principles, but choking the demand to smooth it over time has cut down on the chaos somewhat. If you think about it, it isn't really a market intervention in the classic sense where prices or demand are artificially inflated or manipulated by the gov't. Demand is still the same and prices haven't changed dramatically. This was really a crowd control measure more than anything. And the poor guys working the pumps, well I'm sure they were happy for it. They couldn't work fast enough and had to deal with a lot of @holes. Stay safe!