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Comment: Put Me On Your Watch List Too!

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Put Me On Your Watch List Too!

Anyone who could have been that disloyal to his own father does not have my respect.

And to 1) Announce it on the Sean Hannity Show......after Hannity had been so discounting of Ron Paul his father, was totally unacceptable

2) His timing was, IMHO, put the breaks on the momentum when. Ron Paul was surging.

3) Anyone who would do that to their own father can not and will never get my vote.........what do you think he would do to us. It shows a total lack of character. Something most of us here are fed up with.

Finally, who are you to start a "Watch List?" Is that not exactly the tyrannical stance that we are fighting aginst.

You can take your damn watch list and stuff it as far as I am concerened.